Top 5 Facebook Tricks 2018

     Top 5 Facebook Tricks 2018: Hey whats up guys, today we talk about the top 5 Facebook tricks 2018 its Awesome tricks well you can use on Facebook. the Or 5 five trick is rando At, edit anything, save in browser, upside down English And the Last On upside down let's check out this cool Facebook tricks 2018.
Facebook Tricks 2018
Facebook Tricks 2018

Top 5 Facebook Tricks 2018

1. Rando At

login your Facebook account and in a Facebook search type in randos at followed by the name of a company or an organization for example Leyva type Brando set Google and hit enter now you will see all the people who are working in Google you can do the same for any company for example limit changes to Randall's at Facebook hit enter now you will see all the people who are working at Facebook.

2. Edit anything 

     Login to Facebook account and paste the JavaScript from the description to the search box at your browser make sure that you type in JavaScript followed by semicolon at the beginning and then hit enter and now you will be able to edit anything I mean everything just as I do here you can also edit the messages of your friends as I do here now make sure that once you refresh your page the changes will get lost and send it your friends have fun with them so that's the end of the video which one was your favorite trick

3. Save in browser

    Plug your Facebook account and click on the drop-down arrow symbol and then select settings now click on the security tab beside login alerts click on edit now select get notifications and finally click on Save Changes and now your present browser and device are saved.

     Now whenever your account is logged in from a new browser or a new device you will get a notification like this which says that your account was logged into a new browser advice and if you click on that notification you will be redirected to this screen where you can see from whichplace we're gonna lock you logged in and from which platform or device your account is locked in now if you click on this wasn't me then your account will be logged out from that device or browser and then you also get an option to change your password this is a very great way to protect your account from hackers.

4. Upside down English 

talking to your Facebook account and then click on the drop-down arrow symbol and select settings now click on the language tab in the language settings click on edit now select English upside-down from the drop-down menu and finally click on save the change and then you will see your Facebook turns upside down isn't it cool.

5. Upside down text 

      First, we go to upside-down Dexcom and then type in any text in the first text box and as you type in you can see that the typed text is being made upside down in the text box below now copy the upside down text and you can send it to your friends to have fun you can also post it to have fun with your friends.

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