What Is Phishing ? Any One Can Hack You Using Phishing Method

     Yes You Can Hack Anytime Anywhere Just Small Mistake. Because Any One Can Larn & using Phishing Method ! So When you Don't Know What Is Phishing & How To Be a Safe ?. Then you can Hack Easily. But when you Have Full Knowledge of This Type Hacking Method The No Any One can Hack You.

Note: I'm not Support Any Hacking Crimes But I Share Best Advaise & Knowledge For How To Be Safe to Hacking. It's 100% Legal In All Of The World.

Why You Need to Know What Is Phishing ?

      When you Don't Know What Is Phishing? So How You Know How To Safe Hacking ! So First You need to know what is Phishing & then you can Easily Safe to Phishing attack.

Xclusive Best Tricks For Your Mobile! What Is Phishing?

      In Very Easy word Phishing Is One of the Simple Hacking Method. In This Method Hacker's Create Any Fack & Same to Same Page Like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail & All Login Opation Provider Site. All Social Site + Any Net Banking Log in Page & Also Digital wallet Log in Page Like Paytm, Mobiquik, Paypal etc.  This Fack Page Looking Same As Original Page. So User's Think it's Real Page & Log in Account/give Details. When Any One Add His Log in Details In This Type Fack Page, This Details (Gmail, username, Password) Send Automatically to Hacker's who Crate This Page & then Hacker's Can Log in Your Account Easily In Just Seconds & Your Account Hacked ! Hacker Doing Anything With Your Account. Like Delete Account, Leck Your Personal information, etc. So It's Phishing.

      So Now you Know what is Phishing & How Much Phishing Dangerous For Any one. This Time Internet & technology was Developing Fast so This Type Hacking Method Will be Viral & any one can Larn Phishing Like Your Facebook, WhatsApp Friends. So If you Don't Know How To Safe Phishing then any one can send you fake Page Link & Hack Your Important Account Easily. So Let's Know How To Be Safe Phishing ?

Phishing How To Safe ?

       No Click Any Unknown Link, like Short Link, If you Opan Any Link Never Log in Your Account In Page who Opan From Clicked Link.

      When you can Opan Your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail Account Directly Go to Google & Log in Your Account Not Log in Directly from any Sharing Link. Because You know Hacker's First Target Is Your Social Site Accounts & Phishing Is Mostly Popular For Hacking Social Site Accounts.

     Alert when you using Net Banking. When you using Net Banking So Go to Your Bank Official Website. Not opan any Direct Link to Log in Your Net Banking.

     When you click Any Link & This Link Redirected You any Social Site, Bank & wallet Log Page So Never Log In.

       Hope you can understand what is Phishing & How To Safe. I think Best way to Safe Phishing Is Sharing This Post because Many people Don't Know What Is Phishing? So Some People Are Hacked In Phishing So Share This Post with All Social media. Social media Is Powerfull way For Sharing Anything.

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