Important Technical Full Neme/form For General knowledge & Exams


Important Technical Full form For General knowledge & Exams 

☞. FERA: Foreign Exchange Regulation Act.
☞. ISRO: International Space Research organization
.☞.ISDN: Integrated Services Digital Network
.☞. SAARC: South Asian Association for Regional co-operation.
☞. OMR: Optical Mark Recognition.
☞. AHRL: Asian Human Right Commission.

 HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protoco.
☞. PDF: Portable Document Format.
☞. HTML: Hyper Text Mark up Language.
☞. NEFT: National Electronic Fund Transfer.

☞. MICR: Magnetic Inc Character Recognition.
☞. IFSC:  Indian Financial System Code.
☞. ISP: Internet Service Provider.
☞. ECS: Electronic Clearing System.
☞. CST: Central Sales Tax.
☞.CRR: Cash Reserve Ratio.
☞.UDP: User Datagram Protocol.
☞. RTC: Real Time Clock.
☞. IP:  Internet Protocol.
☞. CAG: Comptroller and Auditor General.

☞. JPEG: Joint photo Expert Group.
☞. U. R. L: Uniform Resource Locator.
☞. IRDP: Integrated Rural Development programme.
☞. ASLV:  Augmented satellite Launch vehicle.
☞. I. C. U: Intensive Care Unit.
☞. A. T. M: Automated Teller Machine.
☞. C. T. S: Cheque Transaction System.
☞. C. T. R: Cash Transaction Receipt.
☞. NEFT: National Electronic Funds Transfer.
☞. GDP: Gross Domestic Product.
☞. FDI:  Foreign Direct Investment .
☞. EPFO: Employees Provident Fund Organization.
☞. CFRA: Combined Finance & Revenue Accounts.
☞. GPF: General Provident Fund.

☞. UMTS: Universal Mobile TelecommunicationsSystem.
☞. AMOLED: Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode
.☞. OLED: Organic light-emitting diode
.☞. IMEI: International Mobile EquipmentIdentity.
☞. ESN: Electronic Serial Number

☞. GMT: Global Mean Time.

☞. GPS: Global Positioning System
.☞. GNP: Gross National Product.
☞. SEU: Slightly Enriched Uranium.
☞. GST: Goods and ServiceTax
☞. GOOGLE:  Global Organization Of Oriented GroupLanguage Of Earth.
☞. YAHOO: Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle .
☞. WINDOW: Wide Interactive Network Development forOffice work Solution .
☞. COMPUTER: Common Oriented Machine ParticularlyUnited and used under Technical and EducationalResearch.
☞. VIRUS: Vital Information Resources Under Siege.

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