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Voice Typing Android application is the best solution for Gujarati typing or any regional language typing on smartphones. You can directly type in your language and also voice typing features available. It makes your writing and chatting fast and saves lots of time during an online conversation.

Voice Typing Live Translation Free

Live transcribe helps you to live to translate during any chat and write anything. The application allows you to All languages voice typing. Also, convert text into Voice in all languages. During WhatsApp chat, you can type in your regional language text and voice without opening the app.

You can do all this with this platform

  • Speech-to-Text Converter 
  • Voice Typing Text Chat
  • Text to Speech(Speaking & Talking Text)
  • Saved Speech Notes
  • English Speech to TextText

Transcriber helps you to convert any audio into text format. Also, this application has Voice to text Converter function. 

Gujarati Voice Typing App

Live Transcribe App

Step by Step Video

We request you share this information with everyone so all can easily type in their regional language on WhatsApp and anywhere online.


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