Antivirus Software – Definition

Simply put, Antivirus Software contains snippets of virus code, called signatures, that antivirus programs use to compare and recognize a potential threat.

When you or your operating system attempts to access an executable file, your antivirus definition software does an instant scan of the program you’re attempting to run and compares it against its database (definitions) of known threats.

If a piece of code matches one in its database it sends an alarm to the software and the file is immediately quarantined. If you don’t run regular updates, your antivirus definition software won’t be able to recognize the latest threats.

Antivirus SoftwareSo how do you make sure your Antivirus Software are current? One of the quickest and easiest methods is to look in the System Tray for your antivirus software icon, if you’re on Windows.

t’s the lower, right-hand area on your screen, to the left of the clock. Double-click the icon and it should bring up your antivirus definition software. Somewhere you should see the date of the antivirus definition.


If they are older than seven to ten days, chances are they need updating. There should be a button or icon to press to start an update. otherwise, you may need to look on top of the menu for ‘update’. If all else fails, visit the company’s website.

But I’m on a Mac, why do I care about viruses? Although there are relatively few Mac and Linux-based viruses, it’s still possible to contract one however, perhaps the biggest reason for a Mac or Linux user to have antivirus definition software is to protect those who are running Windows-based PCs. Plenty of instances exist where quite a few viruses have been downloaded onto non-windows computers and then transmitted over a network to infect Windows users.

There are many computer threats that can affect your system these include, spyware, malware, spam and Trojans. To protect your computer against all these things you need total pc protection. It is very important to protect your computer particularly if you use the Internet because this is how most computer viruses are contracted.

Antivirus definition protection will protect you against all common computer viruses. It is important your antivirus product is kept up to date as new viruses are generated every day.

Your antivirus definitions need to be updated regularly so your antivirus knows how to deal with any new viruses. If your antivirus software does not regularly update you will not be protected and your computer will be vulnerable when you go online.

Antivirus definition software will also protect you against something that is called spyware. Spyware collects personal information about you, including passwords and sends it to someone else over the Internet. If your computer gets infected with spyware you could have your identity stolen.

Antivirus SoftwareA complete antivirus software solution will not only stop virus and spyware but will also protect your emails from spam. Spam is not only annoying but it can also be embedded with a virus. The virus is usually attached to the email and can, if the attachment is opened, begin to infect your system.

Other forms of spam email include phishing attacks which are designed to trick you into providing your personal information such as passwords and account details. Antivirus software protects you from spam by scanning your emails for dangerous attachments and filtering spam from unknown or suspicious sources.

In order to protect your computer from harmful viruses you should look for antivirus definition software that comes with a firewall. If a anyone sees your computer has a firewall it can deter them from trying to infiltrate your system. A firewall works by closing all the internet ports you are not using on your computer.

Keeping your antivirus definitions current should be simple enough. Make it a habit to check them at least once a week. If you notice that they have stopped updating the first thing to do is restart your computer.

If this doesn’t do the trick, after waiting a few minutes, you should go to your antivirus vendor’s website and check their knowledge base for solutions.

By running an antivirus definition program, even on a non-Windows-based system, and ensuring its definitions are continually updated, you can avoid almost all internet-based and network-based threats.

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